The Sight (Devil's Isle 2) by Chloe Neill

by - August 26, 2016

The Sight (Devil's Isle, #2)The Sight by Chloe Neill
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Hmm. Complex feelings, here.

I like the characters, and I want to know more about them. The adventure and magical mayhem is intriguing. I wish I knew more about these beings from the beyond, and had a better idea about the rules governing how magic works in this reality. Maybe I'll find out more in a later book. Shrug.

The romance is a bit forced, incredibly over-dramatic, and totally unnecessary. We belong together! We can never be together! Longing gazes! Alas! Oh my heart!

UGH. Either make an honest go of it or quit googly eyeing in every single scene. These two should just give up on it already. It's not happening. If this has to have romance in it, literally any other male character would be a better match. But whatever. It's hard to find urban fantasy these days without awkward romance.

3/5. Not as great as the first book, but still willing to read the third.

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