The Blazing Star by Imani Josey

by - November 03, 2016

holy cannoli, please buy this book; the world DESERVES a sequel!

The Blazing Star I completely devoured this book like I discovered an oasis in the desert. I could not put it down.

Ms. Josey wrote real, relatable characters in Portia, Alex, and Selene; I feel like I know these girls and I need to know what they're up to now at the end of book one. [I'm calling this book one in the optimistic hopes that there will be a book two -- PLEASE let there be a book two!] The supporting characters were also wonderfully fleshed out, a real treat considering that the main conflict of the book includes discovering spies, and you really can't be sure of anyone.

I loved the setting and could really visualize what was happening. This would be an amazing movie. Can this be the next YA series everyone is obsessed with, please?

I also appreciated that the magical elements of the book are well explained; oftentimes in fantasy we just have to accept that someone has crazy powers and just deal with it. Here, we get a good explanation, with just enough Egyptian mythology to make you want to hit Wikipedia and make some assumptions about further plots.

I could write a lot more. In sum: I loved this book so. I'll certainly read it again, and strongly recommend it to not only young adults, but older kids and adults as well.

I received this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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