My Name is Zedonk by Jia Han

by - December 10, 2016

My Name Is ZedonkI have conflicting feelings about this book.

I could see this book being helpful for a child growing up in a very segregated community. Something along the lines of "sure, some do people self-segregate, but mommy and daddy Zedonk chose not to, because you don't have to. And we're all delightful members of the 4 legged equidae family."

Anyway --

I could also see it being confusing for children growing up in a multicultural world who haven't learned to categorize people racially. Might have been a better metaphor if the animals were the same specie, but different colors? Maybe two different color dogs of the name breed? I just worry that it might introduce the incorrect belief that different colors of people are different TYPES of people.

Of course, you could clear all that up by talking to your kids.

I received this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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