I Will Love You Forever by Tatsuya Miyanishi

by - August 09, 2017

Don't do it.

I Will Love You Forever I generally don't publish negative reviews in the spirit of "If you can't say anything nice..." However, I couldn't let this one sit.

This harsh story is not recommended -- I couldn't imagine a worse message for adopted children. Other books by this author have been delightful and heartwarming, and I can only hope that this is simply a bad translation from the original Japanese.

A female maiasaura dinosaur finds an abandoned tyrannosaurus egg one night, and decides to raise the baby tyrannosaurus as her own. Baby t-rex is never told he's adopted, and is indoctrinated by neighbors that t-rexes are evil brutes. After all, t-rexes have been known to eat maiasauras. Despite this, his childhood appears to be warm and loving, and he has a special relationship with his adoptive mother.

When he inevitably figures out that he is actually a tyrannosaurus, he has a bit of a breakdown as he processes that he is actually the enemy he has been raised to fear. He runs away with another t-rex, presumably his biological parent, never seeing his adopted mother again.

What is the point, here? To tell kids that you are defined by your genetics and choices of your ancestors, that you'll never fit into your adopted family, and that you should live up to other people's prejudices?

Wrong, wrong, wrong. No way, Jose.

In sum: recommended if you want to cause emotional damage to a small adopted child; not recommended otherwise.

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