The Unofficial I Love Tasty Cookbook by Catrine Kelty

by - October 02, 2017

The Unofficial I Love Tasty Cookbook: Step-by-Step by Delicious This is the perfect cookbook for me, an untrained, but curious cook.

I hate the cookbooks that go on and on about the emotional ties that the authors has to this recipe or that ingredient. Not to be rude -- but I don't really care how this recipe makes you feel -- just show me a decent picture of it so I know whether or not I'm failing. Sometimes cookbooks feel like a drag.

Then, Tasty videos entered my life and revitalized my interest in cooking. The steps are easy to follow and spell it all out for you in full detail. This book, while not an official Tasty title, does well to honor its inspiration, and features easy-to-make recipes that look, well, tasty.

I look forward to spending some time in the kitchen with this one.

received via Netgalley

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