Who Fears Death by Nnedi Okorafor

by - October 26, 2017

A bit of a throwback -- I don't know how I neglected to read this book for so long. I loved it.

Who Fears Death I devoured this book in a few settings.

There are plenty of great reviews out there explaining the plot, so there's no point revisiting it. I'll just hop right into why I loved it the way I did --

It felt familiar to me as a big fan of futuristic and urban fantasy, but with the novelty of African names, words, and mythologies that I haven't before encountered. It had the sense of the world having "moved on" like in Stephen King's Dark Tower series, with its unreliable technology and creepy empty caves full of old computers. I was also reminded of the Force and Jedis or Siths mentoring apprentices, and the way power can lure someone into even greater good or more terrible evil. That's not to suggest that the author "stole" these ideas or themes -- they're often present in the genre, and it feels like Dr Okorafor reads some of the same books I do, making me think she's even more awesome.

Time to get the prequel.

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