Kids' Programming: Book Talk-os!

by - July 12, 2018

Printable link [here].

Tacos are a pretty safe bet for more people. 

"Do you want to help me move?"
"There will be tacos!"
...then, yes.

"Do you want to come to this library program?"
"There will be tacos."

And kids, especially little ones, love nothing more than to talk to you about something they like.


Thus, Book Talk-os were born. 

I browned some ground turkey with taco-y spices (cumin, oregano, paprika, etc., this isn't a recipe blog) and tossed it in the Crock Pot and brought it to work. When the program time came around, I warmed up some tortillas and sat out cheese, lettuce, sour cream, mild sauce, salsa con queso, and tortilla chips. 

The food did not last long. Make much more than you think you need. The delightful aroma will attract all of the families. 

As we ate, we went around the table and each kid got a few minutes to talk about their favorite books they've read recently. I cut out the printable above ahead of time and folded up the paper tortilla, and kids could write down the titles of books that other kids talked about that they wanted to read and make a little paper book taco. 

It was a wonderful program and it warmed my heart and my stomach lining. I will certainly do it again.

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