Artist Saturday: Rolling Stamps

by - February 26, 2019

Learning inspiration:

There's not a lot of easily-found scholarly information online about pre-columbian art in the Americas, particularly when it comes to stamps. However, we do know that they used rolling stamps to decorate household goods and the human body.

It could be a good opportunity to discuss life in pre-Hispanic central America.

- sturdy cylinders. We had a ton of these U-Line Kraft Tubes leftover from something else, but short lengths of PVC pipe would be inexpensive and easy to use, too.
- sticky-back foam paper. I used these.
- scissors
- paint - I used acrylic.
- paintbrushes of any size -- you're just using them to cover the stamp.
- heavy paper. Construction paper will do.

Cut shapes out of the sticky foam paper and stick it on the tube.

Cover the foam with paint and roll it across your paper.

Cost per child: about a dollar.

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