Baby Loves Coding! by Ruth Spiro

by - May 28, 2019

Baby Loves Coding!Baby Loves Coding! by Ruth Spiro
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I see a lot of negative reviews on this series of books, saying that a) that is a far too elementary explanation of this very serious scientific subject! or b) babies can't understand this kind of book! Rahh!

Okay, coming from a mom who works with kids everyday in a library...

These books are great. I love them, my son loves them, your kid will love them. For pre-verbal children, the most important thing is to hear words read aloud to them, and to begin associating books with positive experiences. Literally any book can do this. I remember sitting on my father's lap while he read the newspaper to me. I don't remember anything about the local news from the late '80s, but I remember the positive experience of hearing him read aloud to me.

That's what you're aiming for.

These books are meant to 1) create positive bonding experiences with your child, 2) introduce holding books, turning pages, going left to right, and 3) for caregivers to grin and learn a little something about science. They successfully do all three, and are favorites in my household.

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