The Easy Filipino Cookbook: 100 Classics Made Simple by Roline Casper

by - March 17, 2020


The Easy Filipino Cookbook: 100 Classics Made Simple by Roline Casper

out March 24, 2020
ISBN: 9781641526289
Paperback: $15.99 / Kindle: $0.99

I'll admit that I am not especially familiar with the Philippines and that I had very little idea, going into this book, what Filipino food would look like. It's for that reason that I eagerly snatched up this advanced reader copy when it was offered.

Chef Roline Casper is a classically trained chef and restaurateur who grew up in the Philippines, and right away she explains how the history of trade and conquest has created a very unique cuisine there with influences from neighboring nations as well as parts of the Europe and North America. As a result, some of these recipes look a little familiar to my American eyes, but also a little different -- Sweet Spaghetti, made with banana ketchup; Fried Chicken with a hit of soy sauce; or chicharrones, for example.

The recipes look delicious and accessible in that rarely are difficult-to-find ingredients used, and when they are, they can often be substituted if needed.

I'm excited to try some of these.

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