Two New Cookbooks for Those with Hashimoto's Disease

by - May 10, 2020


Hashimoto's Diet for the Newly Diagnosed: A 21-Day Elimination Diet Meal Plan and Cookbook by Daphne Olivier

out May 26, 2020
ISBN: 978-1646117505
Paperback: $16.99 / Kindle: $9.99 / Free on Kindle Unlimited

I have Hashimoto's Disease, and I can attest that your body experiences a lot of capricious highs and lows. (Well, not really highs -- more like normals and lows.) Your diet can affect this, and when I eat a lot of junk, I feel like absolute garbage -- exhaustion, brain fog, body aches, depression, anxious thoughts.

This book is good for those newly diagnosed who are trying to figure out which foods make them feel like garbage the most so that you can avoid them. It has easy recipes with ingredients you can find at the store, and a helpful guide to when to make them and when to eat them. Elimination diets can seem intense. It's a huge list of items you can't eat, and it can feel like the only thing you're allowed to eat that won't make you feel bad is blueberries and cauliflower.

These guides make it more manageable, less intimidating, and the fact that the author is a real medical professional helps.

Hang in there, Hashimoto's folks. Once you figure out your triggers, you can cut down on them. (I still eat a bit of breads/tortillas, dairy products, the occasional fast food. Learn how much you can handle.)

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ISBN: 978-1646116652
Paperback: $12.49 / Kindle: $9.99 / Free on Kindle Unlimited


I have Hashimoto's Disease and I basically feel like crap anytime I eat something that tastes good, so I am very excited to try these out. They look like real food and it's written by a dietitian so you know it's legit. Stew, meatballs, jerky, crackers... yes please.

Thank you, world.

arc received from the publisher for review

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