I'm a librarian named Jessica Rodrigues.

I started decafJess.com as a way to save and share program ideas with people I met at library conferences and my Goodreads activity spilled onto the site as well. I'm here to share, because I have learned so much from other librarians' blogs and websites. I work at a small public library and am passionate about equipping librarians at small or underfunded libraries to provide big-budget services at little or no cost.

In addition to librarianship I offer consulting and technical writing services.

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Using downloads, templates, and programs from this website

Please feel free to use anything you find here to serve patrons or students, no attribution necessary -- but you can not sell it.

Book review policy

  • I enjoy mostly urban fantasy, science fiction, horror, economics, political science, and American history -- but not exclusively.

  • I have a soft spot for indie authors and will accept indie or self-published requests if they are in a genre I enjoy.

  • I read paperbacks, mobi, epub, and docx. Please, no pdf.

  • I generally post reviews two weeks before publication date at decafjess.com and goodreads.com/decafjess.

I am currently accepting review requests. If you are interested in a review, please email me at jess@decafjess.com. I am unable to approve all requests.