About me, and some FAQs

I'm Jessica Rodrigues, a librarian at a small library in the Midwest.

I wanted somewhere to post program ideas I wanted to share with people I met at library conferences, and my Goodreads activity sort of spilled onto the site as well. I'm just here for fun and to share, because I am always looking for ideas on other librarians' blogs.

(Do you know how cheap websites are these days?! Seriously. This whole endeavor has cost me like $12.)

This is a free-time labor of love and all opinions here are my own and are independent of my current or past libraries.

Can I use the downloads and templates on your site?

Yes, please! They are posted under a Creative Commons license, which means you can use them for your library/school/institution/personal use and make changes to it to fit your needs, as long as you are not using it to make yourself money, and as long as you are not representing it as your own creation. So, in sum, you just can't try to sell it on some website claiming that you made it, but otherwise, I am happy to know someone out there is benefitting from something I made.

What are you reading?

Right now I'm reading a ton of urban fantasy, cookbooks, and nonfiction (generally US history, economics, or Bible studies.) I also read a ton of preschool-age children's books.

How do you get books before they're published?

Librarians get lots of advance reader's copies of upcoming books because we have to make purchasing decisions or give reading recommendations to our patrons. I like telling people about books I like, so here we are.

Can you review my self-published book?

Not right now. I'm continuing to beta-read for authors I've worked with in the past, but between work/school/parenting there's only so many hours in the day.

Can I reach out to you if I have questions?

Certainly! While I can't do time-intensive things like remix the templates for your specific use, I am happy to answer questions you may have, or just chat about library things and books!

You can email me at jess@decafjess.com.