Music & Movement

Music and movement is an in-person activity for very young children and their caregivers. I usually run it for 6 weeks twice a year. Each meeting during those 6 weeks is the same, because little minds like repetition. 

Here is a template for designing a music & movement program. As with any program for very young children, you must watch your audience to gauge their reaction and interaction levels, and don't be afraid to change directions if the children are not engaged.

Welcome Song

Lap rhymes without music, like fingerplays, clapping songs, tickle songs. (1-3)

Introduce small instruments like shaker eggs and sing, dance, and make music together for a few songs. Pick out at least 5, up to 10, depending on the energy level of your kids that day, and how many wiggles they need to get out. 

Play and sing a song with a parachute.

Blow bubbles with a song playing so the children can pop them.

Sing a goodbye song together.

Optional: at the end of each week, introduce a real instrument. Even if you don't know how to play, they will enjoy seeing it.

Recommended Supplies & Resources

Shaker toys. I bought mine from Lakeshore Learning, but you can find these kinds of things many places. Beware buying any that are too cheap - they will break very easily. After many broken pieces I bought some heavy duty ones from this store and they held up nicely. I would wash them with dish soap and air dry each week.

Activity scarves. You can find them many places and they are usually very inexpensive. I would bring mine home each week and throw them in my washing machine on delicate using free & clear detergent.

Play parachute.

Jbrary is an invaluable resource for storytime activities, including a large library of YouTube videos with songs and actions. You can harvest many great ideas here.

Bluetooth wireless speaker. I used Spotify to make a playlist ahead of time and would cast from my smartphone to the speaker.