Spice of the Month Club

Has your library jumped on the "Spice of the Month Club" trend yet?

This new library passive program combines the spirit of take-home craft kits with the new pandemic cooking obsession we all have now. 

If you are looking for ways to lure hesitant patrons back into the building for a program that is low-commitment and low-risk, consider offering a monthly spice take home kit.

It is a simple program. Buy small baggies (I recommend at least 2x2" -- you can get 1000 for like $14 on Amazon) and put about 2 teaspoons of a spice into each bag. Print small sticky labels (if you're buying bulk cheapo spine labels, they will probably work!) with the name of the spice and your logo. 

Choose a recipe online that highlights that spice and print it out. Four to a standard 8.5x11 sheet is a good size. Advertise to patrons to come in for a spice sample and a recipe and invite them to share with you on social media what they make with the spice. 

You can purchase bottles of spice very cheap on the internet. You can also partner with a local grocery store as a sponsor and see if they will donate the spices.

Estimated cost: one time purchase of baggies and labels for ~$30, approximately $10 a month for spices, staff time.