Magic Binds (Kate Daniels #9)
by Ilona Andrews

It feels a bit like our authors are finishing up the series; one on hand, I am heartbroken to imagine a world without more Kate Daniels stories, but I love the way major questions are being answered. The way things are wrapping up is satisfying.

Without a doubt, this is my favorite of the series so far. There was a clear timeline of conflicts to be faced and decisions to be made, side characters were allowed their time to shine, and Kate comes more into her identity as the daughter of Roland. It's hard to comment on anything in the story without spoiling anything, but here are a few things to look forward to:

  • You find out who/what Christopher is.

  • You learn more about Kate's family on her father's side.

  • A friend of Kate's is a traitor.

  • Enemies/frenemies become friends.

  • Lots of epic fight/battle scenes.

My only complaints:

  1. I'm still not really sure what Roland's motivations are for anything he does. Is he just chaotic evil? Maybe we find out later. His level of complication spikes through the roof.

  2. Some of the continuity dealing with certain characters being able to see or influence the future seems kind of logically wonky. Hard to elaborate without going into too much detail.

  3. Random bedroom scene that was bizarrely out of place, like the editor sent it back and said "I need at least three paragraphs of hanky panky." Maybe I'm just a prude. Sigh.

Looking forward to more of anything by Ilona Andrews.

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