Nobody's Pawn (Never Veil #3)
by Amy McNulty

I am quite bummed that the series is over, but I feel satisfied with the conclusion.

The thing I liked most about this trilogy was that each book was distinct from the others, but still carried over the plots from the previous books. Noll is different, too. She's no longer a moody little girl moping because a boy doesn't like her -- she's a tough chick with some big problems, the worst of which is the mysterious "them" beyond the mountains who seem to be pulling all the strings.

Despite the many wrongs that have been done to Noll, she is surprisingly forgiving as it becomes more and more apparent that most of the conflicts stemmed from incomplete or incorrect information being propagated. Some of the villains gain their redemption; others get what's coming to them.

I appreciated that I couldn't predict the ending, but that it still made sense.

Finally, the fantasy mechanics of the world are further explained, clarifying any confusion that may be left over from books 1 and 2. (Ex: the cavern pool, the authority with which Noll was able to take charge in book 1, why people disappear when they die, etc.)

I'm going to miss Ailill and Noll, but I think they're happy right where we left them.