Accidental Sire (Half Moon Hollow #6)
by Molly Harper

Goofy, snarky chick-lit that is the literary equivalent of a marshmallow-covered hot chocolate.

Meagan meets Ben at a college party, and what seems at first like a typical meet-cute turns unexpectedly tragic. In the aftermath, Meagan and Ben are vampires, and find themselves cloistered away by a quirky crew of veteran vampires intent on training them to behave in the midst of their new talents and urges. The cast of characters is quirky and heartwarming, including Jane, a children's librarian-turned-vampire boss, the inexplicably-named vampire Dick Cheney, Jed, a man who occasionally turns into a land shark when stressed, and a kind but homicidal immortal child named Georgie, to name a few.

Obviously, there's a sinister plot that needs to be solved, family bonding, personal growth, falling in love, etc.

I'm generally not a fan of romance, but the romance in this series isn't too overwhelming.

It's a quick read, and this author remains one of my favorite guilty pleasures.

arc received from the publisher for review