Besieged (Stories from the Iron Druid universe)
by Kevin Hearne

First off, this made me love Owen even more. Also, fun fact: cover Owen looks like a mashup of my dad and my husband, so he wins even more points.


Oftentimes, short story compilations are sort of a consolation prize while readers wait for the next book -- kind of a greatest hits of cut scenes that don't really move the plot forward. However, Besieged is not one of these books.

While most stories are told from the viewpoint of Atticus, there are stories told by Granuaile and Owen, too. Each of these stores serves to fill in our knowledge of the characters' pasts or set up for the next novel in the series. It's great to see that all three druids are off doing their own thing, keeping multiple plot points open even as their lives frequently intersect.

It would be wrong to skip over this book while waiting for the next in the series. It's a fun visit to the three druids, and will get readers excited for the next full novel.

arc received from the publisher for review