Binti: Home (Binti #2)
by Nnedi Okorafor
★★★ 1/2

While very clever and inventive, Home verged on confusing.

Binti is a young woman caught between two, and then three, worlds and cultures. While away at school, she is the only Himba; back at home with her family, she is known as the girl who left. Her only true remaining friend is Okwu, an enigmatic alien being, and her family is unable to understand her and the changes that have happened to her mind and body.

The storyline of Binti trying to come to terms with her identity and place in the universe was well written and meaningful. However, the often complex world building seems to detract from the story at times, making the plot difficult to follow.

I still eagerly await the next Binti installment, highly recommend this series, and will likely re-read this ahead of it.

Still recommended; be sure to read carefully and without distraction.

arc received from the publisher for review