The Brightest Fell (October Daye #11)
by Seanan McGuire


Read at your own peril.

It's difficult, if not impossible, to describe the plot without releasing major spoilers concerning the earlier books, so I'll avoid it.

A quick rundown of the series for the uninitiated: October is a half-human, half-fae woman who has lived her life awkwardly straddling the real world and the world of the fae. Her magic is related to blood, but her true strength is in her intelligence, combat training, and uncanny (yet not magical) ability to make powerful people like her. These all make her a better private investigator, both in human and fae matters.

October Daye does not waste any time. The plot is action packed with a single-minded determinedness -- you won't waste any time on side plots that don't add much to the story.

You'll get the feeling that the previous books have been leading us to something big, and this book pulls us further along on that trajectory. The only downside of this book is that readers will hate having to wait for the next one.

arc received from the publisher for review