Hungry Ghosts (Eric Carter #3)
by Stephen Blackmoore

In the huge world of urban fantasy, Eric Carter stands out. Where Jim Butcher's Dresden is full of humor and goodwill, Eric is incredibly violent and often cruel, and when Kevin Hearne's Atticus shows a drive to make the world a better place, Eric is hellbent on revenge at any cost. Despite our hero being kind of a bad guy, I couldn't help but hope he succeeded.

Departing from books one and two, Hungry Ghosts takes place entirely in Mexico. In a very tight spot involving Santa Muerte following the events of books one and two, Eric hunts down the one woman who knows how he can get his revenge on Santa Muerte and her husband.

The story wraps up nicely, but there is still enough unresolved conflict to hint at the possibility of book four.

I'll now spend the next several months obsessively checking Stephen Blackmoore's website for any updates.

arc received from the publisher for review