A Plague of Giants (Seven Kennings #1)
by Kevin Hearne

HIGHLY recommended for fantasy fans.

In another world full of humans and hominids, humans and giants have existed (more or less) in a peaceful detente for many years. However, a new race of giants from a previously uncontacted land has shown up and is single-mindedly tearing up jack up and down the coastline, wiping out entire villages.

The tale of the giants, and how the different societies of people rose up to try and fight them back, is told through the viewpoint of a bard, a man "blessed" with the ability to memorize stories and perform them back in the body and voice of the original teller. The tales tell of people blessed with several different elemental magics, such as affinity to trees, water, fire, air, etc. These magics, while powerful, exact a great price -- extreme feats are fueled by taking away part of the user's lifespan, visibly aging, or even killing, them.

What do I know -- I'm just a huge nerd -- but this has the potential to be one of those beloved series that sticks around forever and ever and colleges host trivia nights about it and there will eventually be a movie or TV series that is really good, but nowhere near as good as we all think it should have been.

Anywho- engaging and addictive, this first in a new series will transport readers into a new world that will be difficult to leave. Characters are fully fleshed out and complex, and the multiple points of view strengthens the story. The only downside to reading this book is that there is not yet a book two, and withdrawal will be harsh.

arc received from the publisher for review