Silence Fallen (Mercy Thompson #10)
by Patricia Briggs

While on her way to pick up more chocolate chip cookie ingredients, super tough coyote chick Mercy is violently kidnapped and whisked across the world. The remainder of the book is spent skipping back and forth between Mercy and Adam's viewpoints as she keeps running and he and a team of werewolves, vampires, goblins, and a witch, follow.

The action was entertaining and fast paced, but the plot and its resolution, overall, left me very confused. It is difficult to explain why without spoilers. Suffice to say, there are several characters with their own cloak and dagger machinations, (side note: there is also a literal cloak and dagger fight scene), and it is difficult to determine who was really the mastermind behind everything that happened.

There were a couple other plot devices that confused me, but it's impossible to discuss them without revealing large parts of the plot resolution.

While I wasn't as crazy about this installation, it is still worth reading for fans of the Mercy Thompson series, and I will continue to read on.

I'm looking forward to this book's release date when I can discuss it with other people.

arc received from the publisher for review