Squirrel on a Train (Oberon's Meaty Mysteries)
by Kevin Hearne

While Oberon is a character in the Iron Druid series, this title could be enjoyed by someone who hasn't read the series. They would just need to pick up on a few clues that let them know that Atticus, Oberon's human, is capable of some magic, and has a connection to the three dogs that allows them to telepathically speak to each other.

Oberon is lovable, affable, and while he's highly intelligent and somewhat humanized, he's also 100% hound at heart. When he heads to Portland for a sniffing-around adventure (yes, really) with his human, Atticus, and his two fellow hounds, the crew accidentally stumbles upon a dead body and a murder mystery. Never one to leave a stone unturned, Oberon and his crew must get to the bottom of things.

These Oberon tales are delightful, because they are legitimate short detective tales, but told from the viewpoint of a very goofy dog who is fascinated with meat and still struggles to understand quantities and time.

arc received from the publisher for review