The Mortal World
(The Invisible Library #5)
by Genevieve Cogman

Any time a new book in this series is announced, there should be an international holiday of celebration and reading. What a treat.

Fans of Investigator Vale will be happy to know that he is back and center-stage. When an assassination takes place at a fae-dragon peace conference, he is the natural choice to find the killer. However, there are political considerations involved, and he is given a team of one librarian, one fae, and one dragon work together. Irene is, of course, the assigned librarian, and Kai, as a dragon prince, is able to insert himself wherever he'd like.

Irene, Vale, and the team must determine who is trying to derail the peace conference, and try to stay out of the path of a new sadistic enemy.

I daresay this was my favorite installment.

P.S.: The author recently announced there will be at least 8 books in the series.

arc received from the publisher for review