Beating Guns
Hope for People who are Weary of Violence
by Shane Claiborne & Michael Martin

I'm struggling to find the right word to describe this book. Gut-wrenching, for sure, but also hopeful.

The first half of the book was a rather dry, but well-sourced, history of the American gun industry and was a helpful prologue for explaining how, eight years after the events at Sandy Hook, there have been no significant changes to gun laws.

As a Christian, the second half of the book was profound for me, but would be equally so coming from other faith backgrounds (or none at all.) It exhorts us to not live in a state of fear, but live in radical fearlessness by de-escalating our culture of violence and reaffirming the humanity of us and our alleged enemies.

It was certainly a difficult read, but well worth it.

arc received from the publisher