Gimme Some Sugar
(Southern Eclectic #3)
by Molly Harper

When Molly Harper writes a new book, it's a sure thing that it will be a laid back, feel-good mini-vacation for your mind.

In this installment back in the little town of Lake Sackett, Lucy has moved back to town following the accidental death of her unfaithful, manipulative husband and must deal with her complicated feelings of relief over his death. The fact that her childhood best friend, Duffy, has grown up to be terribly handsome isn't helping, either. Featuring crazy in-laws, crazy exes, and delicious cupcakes, it makes for a fun read. It is obviously a romance novel, but nothing too steamy -- you could read this on public transit without feeling like a huge creep.

Also, whoever is designing the covers for this series deserves a raise, amirite?

arc received from the publisher