Healthy As F*ck
by Oonagh Duncan

I've read more than a few health and weight loss books, and they are full of complicated strategies that make you feel exhausted just thinking about it.... but Healthy as F*ck is different. Oonagh Duncan narrates the book and is immediately likable -- I felt like I could trust Oonagh, and that she definitely wasn't &$%#ing with me.

Oh yeah, this book is incredibly profane and uses a lot of words that I rarely (if ever) use in my life as a children's librarian, but it comes off as hilarious and sincere.

It strikes a great balance between deep introspection into why you feel you should lose weight, and how to go about doing so. If you're not happy now, she suggests, maybe having killer abs won't make you happy, either. If you're chasing that feeling of happiness that you think a killer body will give you, maybe you should start practicing it now.

She makes it seem so easy, and honestly, maybe it really is. Fill half your plate with vegetables, practice good portion control with the rest of it, sleep well, and workout. It's not rocket science.

Reading this made me feel inspired to be healthier so I will feel better, and reinforced that feeling that it's okay to feel like you look good even if you aren't in *perfect* shape.

arc received from the publisher