Titan Shade
(Carter Archives #1)
by Dan Stout

[Okay, so, I'm basically a ray of sunshine, but every now and then I indulge in some good old fashioned violent noir, and it was about that time.]

I loved this book. Admittedly, it's just the sort of thing that I'm into, kind of a sci-fi/fantasy/noir kind of novel set in a world technologically similar to our own, but with some magic and a few other intelligent species in addition to humans.

It was the first chapter that really hooked me.

Carter, a seasoned detective with a sharp mind and bad history, has been called to the scene of a horrific murder. The victim was dismembered and completely obliterated, and the room is red with viscera. It is a horrible display of tragedy and savagery. And for some reason, to Carter, it is smelling more and more delicious.


Turns out that the victim was a member of a species of frog people, and their blood smells delicious to homo sapiens. Explains why they keep to themselves so much and refuse to go to hospitals. We struggle with poor Carter, who is standing in the middle of this room full of pain and suffering, as his mind is processing the horror around him and his mouth is watering with a mix of arousal and nausea.

The horror and dread of that chapter reminded me of Stephen King, and I was in for the long haul.

The simple murder case becomes more complicated when they discover that the victim was part of a visiting ambassador's envoy and was in town for political bargaining. No one seems to benefit from his death, but everyone seems to be hiding something. Is it a corrupt politician? Corrupt businessman? Dirty cop? All or none of the above?

Will someone else please read this so we can talk about it?!?!

arc received from the publisher