Blood Heir (Aurelia Ryder #1)
by Ilona Andrews
out January 12, 2021
ISBN: 9781641971584

It is unthinkable that a fan of the Kate Daniel series by the same author would even consider passing this one up.

Eight years have passed since the events of Magic Triumphs, when Julie left Atlanta and headed out west with Erra -- both of whom, presumably, wanted some distance from the rest of the family. 

Julie has been practicing and absorbing powerful magic under Erra's tutelage, magic so powerful that it has remade her face, body, and voice, rendering her unrecognizable. Upon receiving a disturbing prophecy that Kate is in danger, she must return to Atlanta to protect her. However, the prophecy also states that if Kate sees Julie, she is in even more danger.

Armed with her newfound powers and a new, beautiful, and anonymous face, Julie returns to Atlanta under the name of Aurelia Ryder. There is an interesting dynamic here where Julie encounters people she knows, but without being recognized. (She is basically secret-shopping Atlanta.) While it would be a lot easier to just announce "HEY IT'S ME JULIE HELP ME OUT!." she has to re-earn the trust and respect of people who actually already trust and respect her, all on a time crunch, while her adoptive mother is in danger. 


Fans of the series will be happy to return to post-shift Atlanta and revisit these well-known characters in a new series. (I say series with a heart full of hope that this sells well and we get like nine more of them.)

arc received from the author for review