Emerald Blaze (Hidden Legacy #5, Catalina #2)
by Ilona Andrews
released August 25, 2020
ISBN: 9780062878366

When an author you like starts a new series, it can be a weird shift. Emerald Blaze is the second book in a new series that is based off of another new-ish series. It can feel like a jump.

But it's so, so worth it.

Catalina, the protagonist (and little sister of Nevada, the main character in the Hidden Legacy trilogy) is crazy tough, incredibly brave, and solid as a rock. She's the head of a family of magic-using private investigators who finds themselves in the crosshairs due to the nature of their work. She is unflappable in her handling of the case and in protecting her family, even as her boss hires her handsome and dangerous sort-of-ex to assist her.

This is equal parts urban fantasy adventure and romance. I say that because you could take out the adventure and it would stand alone as a good romance, and you could take out the romance and it would stand alone as a good adventure story. So, if you're here for the adventure, but not the romance (or vice-versa), just hang around. You'll like it. You'll be cheering for Catalina as she whomps the bad guys, and rooting that true love will work out in the end.

arc received from the publisher for review