by Eoin Colfer
released January 28, 2020
ISBN: 9780062938558

Surprisingly and explosively hilarious.

On the surface, a Cajun dragon buddy comedy didn't seem like my cup of tea, but I read this book out of a sense of librarian curiosity. IT IS A RIOT, and apparently "dragon buddy comedy" is something I'm really into. I'm absolutely preordering the audio of this and forcing my husband to enjoy it, too.

Vern (short for wyvern) has long accepted that he's the last living dragon, and has settled into a quiet and sedentary life of retirement in a little shack in the bayou. He has one friend, an enigmatic fellow named Waxman, and is content with cable TV and imported liquor.

Squib is a goodhearted boy with the requisite amount of teenaged naughtiness who, in the same night, not only witnesses an organized crime murder, but unwittingly sees Vern, too. Growing softer in his old age, Vern finds himself disinclined to incinerate Squib, who has enough trouble with a crooked constable who is entirely too interested in Squib's beautiful mama. What unfolds is a funny (and at times heartwarming) tale of adventure, friendship, and coming out of your shell.

Despite its length, it reads quickly and is difficult to put down. Highly recommended for fans of comedy.

arc received from the publisher for review