Titan's Day (Carter Archives #2)
by Dan Stout
released April 7, 2020
ISBN: 9781646114337

Political intrigue! Sci-fi-ish-fantasy-ish-noir-ish! Insect people, fish people, people people! Sorcerers! 

For a story that takes place in an alternate world, the setting sure feels like somewhere I've been before and somewhere I could easily go back to in future stories.

The portrayal of political clout and/or corruption almost makes you think Dan Stout could be the pen name of a Chicago alderman.

The events of book 1 have changed the power dynamics within the city and make cops Carter and Jax local celebrities, complicating their detective work. What appears to be a low-profile case of a dead prostitute in an alley spirals into something much more sinister involving organized crime and corrupt politicians. And to make things worse, Carter is feeling strange phantom pains and sensations (that may or may not be the side effects of exposure to magicky stuff in book 1) and drawing a bit too much attention from a new, enigmatic doctor at the police station.

An action-packed, fun, and violent ride.

I'll keep preordering these, for sure.

arc received from the publisher for review