Untamed Shore
by Silvia Moreno-Garcia
released February 11, 2020
ISBN: 9781951709280

Even though I always pre-order Ms. Moreno-Garcia's new releases, I still eagerly grab up the ARCs so I can get to them a little earlier.


The setting of this story is a character of its own. The oppressive heat of Baja California, the stench of shark carcass on the beach, the too-modern design of the huge house where much of the action takes place. Yet the story is timeless, classic; the drama that unfolds during these weeks of Viridiana's life could have happened here or there, in 1820, 1920, or 2020. These kinds of villains have existed everywhere in every time.

Viridiana is not naive, necessarily -- she is eighteen and inexperienced, and wise enough to know it. After taking a routine translator job in her small town working for some wealthy and mysterious Americans, she finds herself drawn deeper into a plot of deception. As her world becomes darker and more violent, will she become the predator or the prey?

Much like the author's other works, the ending has stuck with me. I'm looking forward to someone else reading this so we can discuss what we think happened.

arc received from the publisher for review