No Man's Land
by Ben Magid
released in October 2020
ISBN: 9781736032114

A quick-paced, unputdownable thriller and love story of the last human in a world overrun by robots.

Rebel has every reason to believe she is the last human left on Earth. Years before, everyone who could evacuated into space, and those left behind were hunted down and killed by the robots who took their directive to stabilize the Earth and it's climate a little too seriously. Lucky for Rebel, she has the recorded teachings and writings of her father, an expert on these robots, so she painstakingly works to understand how they work. But most importantly, she works to understand how to pass as one of them.

Her plan to fly under the radar comes to a dramatic impasse when a robot in her care, Thomas, begins developing human-like emotions and personality.

As any good robot novel should, it ponders questions about the nature of life and being human.

Full of tension, action, and sentimentalism, my only complaint is that it ended on a massive cliffhanger and there is no immediate news on a book 2, although I did hear from the author that book 2 is in the works.

arc received from the publisher for review