Titan Song (Carter Archives #3)
by Dan Stout
out April 6, 2021
ISBN: 9780756417468

I will sing this series' praises to whoever is willing to stand still a moment and listen. Part police procedural, part whodunit, part urban fantasy, 100% unique and awesome. I will continue to buy as many of these as Mr. Stout wants to crank out.


As a homicide detective, Carter is no stranger to violent crime, but this latest string of murders is unusual. All across the city, individuals are randomly and suddenly overwhelmed with an anger so intense that they kill someone nearby with whatever they can use, and then, bewildered, surrender to the police.

Meanwhile, a megastar is in town for a concert and a large contingent of religious leaders is in town for... reasons? Are the killings related to either, or both, or maybe to the strange magic that has been plaguing Carter?

Another strong entry, and I'm looking forward to more.

arc received from the publisher for review