The Dead Romantics
by Ashley Poston
out June 28, 2022
ISBN: 9780593336489

Florence, a 20-something in NYC, is the ghostwriter for a bestselling romance author. But her secret job isn't even her biggest secret -- she can talk to ghosts, something that runs in her family of morticians and funeral directors.

After a major traumatic incident in her childhood related to her "gift" she no longer engages with it and generally ignores the specters she encounters. When she returns to her hometown to help her family with arrangements after her father's unexpected death, she knows she will probably encounter a ghost in her old home. She doesn't expect it to be the ghost of her hot editor who is not impressed with her current novel's progress and who was very much alive just the day before.

What follows is a surprising story about making peace with yourself, your family, and your past, and about how love doesn't always show up like a lightning strike, but can be a slow bloom. You may be doubtful that a love story between a living human and a ghost (no, they can't touch each other in any way) would have a happy ending, but this does, and it is a pleasantly heartwarming comfort read.

Recommended for fans of feel good romance. A bit of steaminess, but overall not the kind of book that would embarrass you sitting next to a stranger on a plane.

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