The Destroyer of Worlds (Lovecraft Country #2)

by Matt Ruff
out February 21, 2023
ISBN: 9780063256897

Highly recommended for fans of weird fiction, historical fiction, and adventure-horror. 

Three years have passed since the events of Lovecraft Country, and Atticus, Letitia, and their families have struck a balance between going back to the real world while still bearing the weighty knowledge of everything they have seen and done.

Again, there are multiple plots happening at once, culminating in a final showdown. 

Atticus and his dad, Montrose, are on another family journey, this time exploring the path to freedom that their ancestor took through the swamps of North Carolina when he escaped enslavement, awakening powerful forces that have been waiting for their visit.

Ruby has been hiding in Chicago, using a daily potion to take the form of a white woman named Hillary, but her potion supply is running short, and she is not keen on giving up the independence and professional success she has found as Hillary.

Hippolyta has been secretly working for the ghost of Hiram Winthrop in the hopes that he will grant her another opportunity to travel across the planets and stars. Meanwhile, her husband George, has been pursuing a Faustian bargain of his own with his buddies from the Masons, trying to reverse a secret terminal diagnosis. Their teenage son knows that each of them is hiding something and is determined to figure it out.

I was initiatially a bit flustered trying to remember who is who and what their previous story was -- it has been like 6 years or so, right? -- but it didn't take long to fall back into the story, and I consumed in a just a couple of sittings.

I would be happy to revisit these characters a third time.

arc received from the publisher