Magic Claims 

(Kate Daniels Wilmington Years #2)

by Ilona Andrews
out June 13, 2023
ISBN: 9781641972567

Another slam-dunk from husband-wife duo Ilona Andrews. Magic Claims is the second book in a new series that begins a few years after the end of the Kate Daniels series, featuring the same main characters in a new setting and time.

Kate, a profoundly powerful magic user and fighter, and her equally-matched husband, Curran, have been building a quiet life with their son in Wilmington, trying to hide their pasts from their new neighbors. However, recent heroic exploits have brought them into the open and they can no longer hide from their identities or family legacy. When unexplained monstrous visitors begin demanding human sacrifices from a neighboring town, the town turns to Kate and Curran to eradicate the threat. As they battle these new enemies, they learn more about their own family's history and their responsibilities as the scariest things around. 

Highly recommended for fans of Ilona Andrew's Kate Daniels series. Those who have not read the previous series could probably hop in here, but matter-of-fact realities in the book would spoil major plotlines of the books in the previous series.

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