The Hundred Loves of Juliet

by Evelyn Skye
out August 1, 2023
ISBN: 9780593499245
★★★ (2.5 that I keep rounding up or down)

I was engrossed in this book for the first half but ultimately left unsatisfied. 

Thirty-ish Helene has just left her manipulative and unfaithful husband and fled to the scenic wildness of Alaska to finally finish her romance novel she's been working on for years. Her first night in Alaska, she meets Sebastien, a local crab fisherman, who inexplicably looks and acts exactly like the hero from her stories, and is immediately drawn to him. However, we rejects her again and again, because he knows the truth: she is the reincarnation of his first love, and they have fallen in love several times throughout history -- but she is cursed to always die shortly after.

I don't think this is a bad book, I think I am just not the audience for it and it didn't quite go the way I wish it had. The first 50% or so felt like a fun fantasy romance with an inevitable HEA, but it ended without really resolving any of the conflicts I had grown invested in, focusing instead on the importance of finding beauty and joy in uncertainty and being able to love with the knowledge that you're never promised tomorrow. 

So, in sum, there is an audience for this book, but it wasn't me. Imagine biting into what you thought was a chocolate chip cookie, but it turns out to be raisins. Some people will love the raisins. I am not one of them. 

Your mileage may vary.

arc received from the publisher