1000 Books Before Kindergarten Downloads

The samples below have library signage on them and are just shown as examples, but you can download editable Publisher (.pub) files below to change logos and contact information. 

I print them front & back, flipping on the short edge. I print pages 1 and 2 on heavy cardstock. 

If you have a heavy-duty magazine-style stapler, it will go through all the pages at the middle. 

On page two there are spots to put stickers for completing each 100. You can readily find these stickers for purchase many places on the internet, or you can buy your own blank round stickers cheaply and whip something up quickly on your own.

I'm not fully fluent in Spanish, so my friend/coworker who is fluent looked it over for me. The back page is not a direct translation between English and Spanish. I made them on different days and I don't remember why they are different, but they both work. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

1000 BBK Booklet English 6.2021..pdf
1000 BBK Booklet Spanish 6.2021.pdf

The images used were purchased from CreativeCatandCo on Etsy. I specifically purchased these three packages and they were worth every penny! I have bought other clipart packages from this shop for various personal and library projects and have always been pleased. 

At 1,000 books, children receive a reward medal on a lanyard. I custom order 3 inch acrylic circles with a hole punch and etching that says "I read 1,000 books before kindergarten!" from SmartParts on Etsy. Between the lanyard and the medal, it's about $3 a medal.