Library Stats Workbook

Updated September 2022 to reflect changes in the IPLAR.

After years of trial and error with both paper calendars and Excel, I've found a library programming stats system that works for me. I'm going to share with you all a downloadable copy of my programming stats workbook to help you keep your data together.

It has a sheet for each month, with a final total sheet at the end that aggregates all of the monthly data into one sheet that will help in particularly if you are an Illinois librarian filling out our annual report, the IPLAR. If you are not an Illinois librarian, it should still be useful in tallying your monthly info for your own records.

There is a readme sheet in the workbook with more info on how it works and how best to use it.

Reach out if you have any questions. :)

To get this workbook, click the button below. Make sure you are logged into a Google account, then click File -> Make a Copy.

Template: Stats for IPLAR