Story Rooms using Google Slides

Google Slides is Google's alternative to PowerPoint. 

If you are familiar with PowerPoint, you should have no trouble acclimating to Google Slides, and it is also pretty intuitive for new users.

The benefit of using Google Slides for these story rooms is that it allows you to make clickable pictures that patrons can interact with. 

story rooms with google slides

Click around on the image to see where the links go. 

The book covers on the right used to link to YouTube videos of me reading those stories, but I only kept them up for a few weeks due to copyright considerations. 

This would be a good opportunity to showcase different things on your website or to share fun resources.

Start at and choose "Blank."

Delete the text boxes that are on the slide.

Then, go to "Insert" -> "image" -> select where you'd like to add your background image. You can search online to find one, or upload one you already have.

You can also add text boxes or shapes using the "insert" menu. 

Creating links:

Click on the object you'd like to make a clickable link, then press Ctrl and K. Type in or paste the link that you want that image to take you to.

Link ideas:

Choose pictures without backgrounds. 

If you have an image you'd like to use that has a background, you can remove it using this tool from Adobe.

Publish your finished slide to the web.

Go to File -> Publish to the web. You can use the link to direct people to the story room or use the embed option to embed it into a website.