Passive programming is a way to engage with your library patrons (or students, dorm residents, etc.) that is unscheduled, informal, and does not necessarily require interaction from staff.

In highly staffed libraries, it can be great for teens (who tend to be a bit standoffish when it comes to librarians) or for introverted patrons who love the library but would much rather be left alone. In smaller libraries, it's a fantastic way to create unique experiences at each library visit without having to overextend a small payroll.

wall of fame

Wall of Fame

This is a great opportunity to introduce kids to new faces from history, and maybe even give your nonfiction/biography section a little use. 

Post a picture of your figure with their name, and invite people to write their name, number, and a brief sentence saying who that person was and what impact they made, and draw one person as a winner. It could be as simple or complex as you'd like. 

Here are a few figures you could use: