Bottle Demon (Eric Carter #6)
by Stephen Blackmoore
out April 27, 2021
ISBN: 9780756412982

[spoilers ahead for the series as a whole, but not for this specific book]

I had written in a review in the past that the main character, Eric Carter, was a real jerk and would be better off dead, so imagine my surprise when Eric is beaten to death at the end of the last book. Of course, main characters never tend to stay dead in urban fantasy, and Eric is mad as hell when he is forcefully resurrected and yanked out of his peaceful afterlife in Mictlān in the opening pages of Bottle Demon.

Freed from the chronic traumatic encephalopathy that plagued his former body and made him impulsive, violent, and irritable, Eric is much more likeable now. His time in Mictlān has made him more introspective and concerned about the collateral damage of his choices. I was rooting for him this time without guilt.

This series is continuing strong, and the author said in a recent interview he had another three books planned in this series.

I'm eagerly looking forward to them.

arc received from the publisher for review

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